After four years of an invisible and non-responsive incumbent it is time the people of the Yucca district get their voice back.

Joyce Clark served as the first Yucca district councilmember in 1992. She had served on Glendale’s city council from 1992-96 and 2000-2012. Since her retirement in 2012 Joyce had been asked repeatedly by her former Yucca district constituents to consider running again. Joyce said, “It wasn’t until recent media reports of the incumbent’s questionable expenses for travel and restaurant meals as well as his financial sponsorship of failed city events that I gave serious consideration to running. After consulting with family and friends and considering the pros and cons I made a final decision. It is a major commitment and I am confident that I can serve effectively.”'

“The incumbent held only one district meeting in early 2013 and has been absent from nearly a dozen council meetings and workshops this past year. The people of the Yucca district deserve full-time, committed representation and a voice to represent their interests and concerns,” Joyce said.

Clark for Council '16

"Get Your Voice Back"